Searcharter grew from a simple intuition: transform any empty flying seat in a flight solution accessible to the general public of travellers.

The charter operations regularly produces empty flights, the so-called “positioning flights”, more frequently than what happens with the scheduled carriers operations, even the most of charter flights are operated without using the full seat capacity.

Our goal is to evolve each unused flying seat into a flight solution available for travellers just like the traditional airlines ones.

Turning each flight from an operating cost for the operator to a resource available to the general public results in a cost reduction for each charter operation as well as in an increased offer of flight solutions for travellers.

In September 2012, Searcharter was presented as a business idea and reached 2nd place during the during the Startup Weekend Bari.

The next day, Vito Lomele, CEO & Founder of Jobrapido, was noticed about Searcharter and offered to be the first investor and advisor by supporting Searcharter during the launch phase.

On May 13, 2013 Searcharter reach the first deal with Mistral Air to start distributing the unused seating capacity onboard of a split charter flight series between Bari (BRI) and Moscow (DME).

Searcharter was officially founded on July 2013 as Searcharter LTD, a Limited Company incorported in United Kingdom with a registered office based in London.


Michele Barisciano

CEO & Founder

He worked as distribution and revenue manager for travel market since 2011 with an educational background in business economics. During 2007 he was parliamentary assistant in the TRAN (transport and tourism) of the European Parliament. During 2008 project manager at I&D Consulting in Bruxelles.

Vito Lomele

Advisor & Investor

Vito Lomele is the CEO and Founder of, a search engine for job listings, born in Milan in 2006 and grown up to be in 58 countries between Europe and the rest of the world. During 2012 Jobrapido reached more than 100 million users and is recognized as one of the largest job sites in the world.

Luciano Belviso


Luciano Belviso is the CEO and co-founder of Blackshape Aircrafts, an Italian aircrafts manufacturer that produces the Prime, a total carbon sport aircraft, awarded as best aircraft in 2013 in its category.

Giovanni Totaro

Software Engineer

Giovanni (aka Vanni) started coding at 5 on a VIC-20. He got an IT and automation engineering master's degree from Polytechnic University of Bari in 2004. Full-stack developer, devops engineer, sysadmin. Linux.