Searcharter acts as a marketplace in which charter operators, using a dedicated area, can offer for sale the empty seats on board their flight, each time an empty seat is generated by a flight operation, both in case of positioning flights of aircraft and in the case of charter flights.

Travelers can purchase, through Searcharter or through the affiliated agents network, the air tickets, then they just have to arrive to the airport with their booking reference number, just like a traditional airline procedure, or indeed, more simple: it is not necessary, in fact, to perform any other online procedure, like on-line check in, after the purchase.

The charter operator has only to receive the list of PNRs and perform a full flight. All the tools and informations required to perform bookings, to issue air tickets, to manage the special assistance requests and bookings, and customer assistance procedures are provided by Searcharter through the website, which is responsible for managing all the relationships directly with passengers, through the call center or through email.