Starting from the bookings and payments management up to flight operations carried out by the partners operators, Searcharter provides the highest safety standards. Searcharter is integrated with several booking and distribution partners through the most recognized industry standards: an excellence guarantee for the management of processes involved in booking and payment procedures, that avoids the risks of scams and irregular reservations. The air charter companies that operates flights for which Searcharter issues tickets holds all requirements and certificates to operate long and short range flights. All the partner operators hold a valid Aircraft Operating Certificate in compliance with the requirements of EU Regulation 1008/2008 and/or any other specific country

Aircraft operated by our partner companies are exactly identical to those used by traditional airlines. The fleets which are currently used for charter flights encompass the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 families aircrafts for the short and medium range up to Boeing 767 or Airbus A330 for the long range flights. The seating configurations on board are comparable to those of traditional airlines, even in some cases, the seating layout is much more spacious than those offered by low cost carriers; however experimenting is a part of our tasks and we are also testing a model to issues tickets for flights operated by Luxury and Business Jets.

Partner operators regularly inspects their aircraft through unflexible security checks as required by both standards set by the manufacturers and fixed by EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency) and by any relevant Civil Aviation Authorities.

Each check and maintenance operation is performed by independent companies or by a manteinace division of the airline that complement each operation in accordance with EASA 145 standards and any relevant standard stated by any relevant Civil Aviation Authorities to ensure the safety of maintenance processes.

Safety and reliability of flights for which Searcharter issues tickets are at the same level of traditional airlines ones, it is not unusual, in fact, that the same traditional airlines require to charter operators to carry out flight operations on their behalf.

Every time a booking is confirmed by Searcharter, our providers (airlines and/or tour operators) assumes all the obligations required by the relevant standards for the protection of passengers and consumers.