[PRESS RELEASE] Searcharter launches its first working prototype

June 25, 2014


Searcharter, the London-based startup, founded by an all Italian team, has officially take off on 9th June 2014 by starting the distribution operations for empty seats on several charter flights between Germany and Greece, as well as flights between Italy, Santorini, Varna and Sunny Beach.
This working prototype, is an internet booking engine that relies on an inventory system completely interoperable with the leading OTAs on the market, has been successfully launched.
Searcharter is a startup company that focuses its main business on selling tickets to passengers for unoccupied seats onboard charter flights that have, until now, been unavailable to the general public.
Exactly on the 100th anniversary of the first commercial flight, Searcharter starts as the world’s first virtual airline that acts exactly like the “marketing carrier” of a codeshare flight by distributing the tickets for its flights without operating any aircraft.

“There are more empty seats in the sky than you may think!”
Charter flight operations produce a considerable amount of empty seats due to a combination of factors; ranging from the flights themselves, to positioning the empty aircraft at departure airports (so-called empty legs), to the gap between the number of seats required by buyers and the effective operational capacity of an aircraft.
Today the load factor of a charter flight is, on average, 25% lower compared to a scheduled flight. While at the same time the scheduled carriers increase their prices as their seat availability decreases.

Searcharter has a simple vision: to create a new generation of low cost flights by making any flying chair available for single-seat reservations by public travellers.
Charter airlines, due to their on-demand-only business model, are not furnished with distribution systems, and in general, don’t sell single seats. Hence, those seats availability have been, until now, overlooked: What a waste!
Searcharter has signed its first agreements with several companies in Europe, both tour operators and charter airlines, to drive for them additional revenue deriving from the distribution of empty seats.
Searcharter meets the needs of charter airlines and tour operators alike, who have uneven amounts of seats, that cannot be sold through traditional GDSs and who now may rely on our distribution solution.

The providers take advantage from a no-cost outsourced GDS with a ready-to-use wide-range distribution network interoperable with almost 140 OTAs to distribute the empty seats in just few minutes: It drives revenue and lowers the total cost of chartering each flight.
The added value that Searcharter offers to passengers is the chance to fly on seats that would normally be empty, on quality airliners, and with fares that are cheaper than those o#ered by low cost carriers: a groupon of the skies!

The Searcharter flight solutions are:

  • Cost-effective: It represents only an additional revenue to recover the cost-share of each empty seat. The fares on average do not exceed 46€ per hour of flight, 25% lower than European low cost carriers’ average public fares;
  • Green: Passengers benefit by travelling on seats that would normally #y empty – without increasing CO2 emissions;
  • Useful: the flights mainly touch leisure destinations, such as the Canary Islands or Greek islands, flying from leading airports or regional flights between minor airports and major hubs. All travellers that wants to travel with a Searcharter flights can now purchase their tickets on the Searcharter website.

Searcharter has recognized from the start the value of distribution and has made significant efforts in building the interoperability of its system with most leading online agents through Travelfusion. Nevertheless the team is actually working to extend its network by establishing partnerships with the OTAs and to build a dedicated service for bricks-and-mortar agencies.
The company aims to establish a game-changing product for the commercial aviation industry; on the routes currently active, Searcharter, has increased flight’s availability by 30% just ahead of the busy summer period.
The prototyping phase took a year’s development, giving the team the chance to be in touch with several charter companies as well as tour operators in order to test the product.

Thanks to the feedback received, Searcharter is currently developing another brand new product for the charter aviation industry that will be launched in the coming weeks and will be placed and developed in parallel to the current product.
So, Searcharter has received the final clearance to take off: stay tuned for new updates!